Product Group Product Category Brand Carry-in In-home Transport Inspection Charges
Audio / Video Audio System Average 385 350 250 246.67
Repairmax 250 na 150 200
Home Theater Average 425.00 483.33 250.00 225.00
Repairmax 350 na 150 200
CD / DVD / Blue Ray Average 287.50 333.33 250.00 241.67
Repairmax 250 na 150 150

*Averages are calculated basis multiple other brands price lists data available publically.
Inspection Charges - Charges you would have to pay if you do not wish to proceed with the repairs post check at office only.
Transportation Charges - Cost of pick and drop of repairs at home. In case you do not wish to proceed with repairs, only transport charges are to be paid.
Carry-in - Service charge if you bring your product to our service center.
In-home - Service charge if a technician visits home.