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fridge repair in Bhopal

Refrigerator Repairs in Bhopal

Hey There, Welcome to the Fridge repair information section
You’ve reached the right place if you want help with:

  • Possible fridge faults
  • At-home troubleshooting measures
  • Repair Procedure
  • Cost of refrigerator repairs
  • Post repair protection and damage prevention measures

ou might have encountered one of the below mentioned problems which we can now even repair in our dreams!

Fridge not cooling Evaporator fan not working
Water line leaking Compressor oil leak / over heating
Water under crisper Unpleasant odour
Freezer cooling but fridge not cooling Fridge cooling but freezer not cooling
Defrost not working Strange sounds from fridge
Fridge turns on and off randomly Temperature control not working – too cold

Great, my problem is listed above, what do we do about it now?
Let’s try doing some repair activities at home to see if we can save some money

General Troubleshooting measures:
  • Check if the power outlet is working, plug is connected properly, power cable is not in not damaged in between.
  • Switch off the fridge for 30 mins, clean the condenser coils at the back and switch on again
  • Check for the clogged drain tube and try to empty it while the fridge is off. Also check if the cooling gas has leaked.
  • Check the temperature control knob is set appropriately

If the above basic measures do not help, you can chat with us on call for other troubleshooting options.

If the problem still persists and you require quick same day expert technician support in Bhopal, call us to book an appointment for refrigerator repair service right away or if you think replacing a few spares would do and you want to change them at home, we provide spares as well with on call replacement support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: My Refrigerator would definitely need repair, but why should I get it repaired from you?
Ans: Fair enough, we provide:

  • Legit digital bills
  • Spare guarantee
  • We charge only for what we repair

Which is why we have repaired 1,740 refrigeration products in average repair time of 0.5 working days at just INR 570/- average repair cost

If that’s not convincing enough!

“I get all my electronics repaired at Repairmax officially because that way it’s cheaper and far better than going to the old school service centres. Proud of my boy!”

My Mom